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Which West Wing Josh episode are you?

You've been described as...

very sweet.. sometimes
a political animal
randomly hostile
an unmitigated jackass
slightly insane

It's Halloween, and you've decided to dress up like Josh. Which of the following would you use as your costume?

yellow rubber fishing gear
the usual rumpled brown suit
white tie tuxedo
hospital gown
a silk smoking jacket
jeans that fit tight around the ass and a black sweater
a sleeveless shirt to show off those great arm muscles
the same suit you've been wearing the past 3 days

Oh no! You're going to die today! How will you go out?

by wrath of CJ
alcohol poisoning
shot by a couple skinheads
by wrath of the Radical Right
books falling on your head
bad chinese food

What usually gets you into trouble?

bullying people
yelling at inappropriate times & places
being overly loyal
drinking too much
doing nice things for people
being in the wrong place at the wrong time
believing you're smarter than everyone else
making sense

Pick a sarcastic quote.

"I get.. 'hot stuff?'"
"No, Mandy, Bert Lincoln."
"I sense I'm being mocked."
"He thinks I may have an eating disorder.. and a fear of rectangles. That's not weird, is it?"
"Really? Cause it's what the rest of us call bullshit."
"Is it Total Crackpot Day again?"
"Lady, thatís cause the God you pray to is too busy being indicted for tax fraud."
"If youíve got your old Catholic-school uniform on under there, donít get me wrong, I applaud the thought, but..."

You're hungry. It's time to eat...

hot dogs.
kung pau chicken.
your words.
your pride.
asprin. lots of asprin.

The most important thing to you right now is...

fighting your demons
fixing your plethora of blunders
getting rid of your hangover
finding "the real thing"
being a good friend
winning at all costs
bringing the funny
keeping your job

An ideal workday would include...

sleeping in
gleefully running around in the pouring rain
screwing over all your co-workers
making up jokes
everyone around you just shutting the hell up already
being a total badass. fear me! mwahaha.
enjoying the company of co-workers
pissing off people you don't like

Woo! Road trip! Where are we going?

Foggy Bottom
random DC nudie bar
New Hampshire
The Hill
your apartment
British Columbia

What bothers you the most?

guilt from your past
loud music
dressing up for people you don't respect
cold coffee
working for someone who doesn't give a damn
not being taken seriously enough
being taken too seriously
your ex being annoying

Code stolen from various sites. Quiz created by Danielle

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