Which West Wing character are you?

If you watch the show regularly, each character's answer will be fairly obvious... so try not to cheat for your favorite ;)

Pick one word to describe yourself.


If you wanted to summon a co-worker to your office, you would most likely…

throw a rubber ball against a window
scream the person’s name at the top of your lungs
yell, and then claim you didn't know how to use your intercom (again)
walk over to the person and ask them to come here
what? i'm the person who gets people for other people... geez
scream your secretary’s name and calmly tell them to get the person
scream your secretary’s name and not so calmly tell them to get the person
call their extension on your phone

Your drink of choice is…

any good beer in a bottle
jack daniels
grasshopper... extra thick and green
what about my sensitive system?
wine courtesy of Flotus
tequila shooters
just one drink? i dont understand people who can have just one... i love the little things. like the way a glass feels in your hand... the sound an ice cube makes when you drop it from just the right height...

Which of the following is most appealing:

Latin book
bikini underwear

If you were watching a sporting event on TV, it would most likely be…

New York Yankees
New York Mets
What? the Jets and the Mets? I know the teams. I'm joking when I do this. I'm joking when I do this.
LA Lakers
women's collegiate softball
watching? heh. i'm wondering why the hell anyone would go to florida to watch a team play an exhibition intrasquad game.
must. work. no. time. for. sports.
espn bottomline's scores, to see how people are doing on the daily bets

Which of the following most describes your love life:

Happily married and doing well, except for that deal I broke.
a pseudo-marriage minus the sex with my boss
in a steady relationship, uh, I think. Has anyone seen my girlfriend?
my head is obviously up my ass.
divorced but secretly lusting for my best friend
she was not a hooker, she was a CALL GIRL.
random office kissing. raar.
have i really been living in a hotel the past 3 years?

They call me...

a clutz
whenever they screw up
the Jackal
a variety of random names
a grump
a miracle worker

Your ideal job would involve...

writing. with imagery!
kicking everyone's asses left and right
telling everyone else what to do
giving wake-up calls
writing. and more writing, to fix all the imagery-laden work of someone else.
something where colored index cards would come in handy
talking. lots of talking.
torturing people with inane trivia

When it comes to your education, you...

had something like 5 majors and 2 minors in 2 years
brag about it at every possible chance
are bright but don't go to college
have some hefty diplomas on your office wall
think your education is put to waste during turkey-picking
don't really talk about it
punish those who mock your alma mater
want to know why your SAT scores are declining over time

What would most likely be found in your CD player?

sounds of the Reykjavik Symphony Orchestra
The Eagles
Yo-Yo Ma
The Doobie Brothers
Frank Sinatra
Ronny Jordan
Bruce Springsteen

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